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Python and Data Science


Python is a highly versatile programming language and one of the easiest to learn. For this reason it is increasingly used in industry for analysis of datasets and rapid-prototyping of complex models by Statisticians and Data Scientists.


Data Science is an exciting area encompassing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Econometrics and Computing. It is gaining increasing prominence as companies strive to find new sources of data and gain consumer insights from the vast amounts of data they already collect.


I will help you learn Python from scratch, to be able to use it for your own analysis, making use of relevant software libraries to build your models and make predictions. You will also learn how to use Jupyter Notebooks, a key tool used for communicating and updating programs for presentations.

Key Testimonial

“I had a vision for a Financial platform, but was new to programming. I wanted to learn Python from scratch as it can implement all the functionality I require.

Nikhil brought me up to speed with basic syntax, then helped me gain intermediate-level proficiency and confidence in applying theory to solve problems, by working through fun and relevant Hackerrank challenges with me (I have now completed over 50, covering topics from Numpy to Object-Oriented Programming).

He then introduced me to Jupyter Notebooks, which he used to help me to design the foundational components of my platform. I am now confident that I can build the platform, and will continue to work with Nikhil going forwards to implement my vision.”


Private Equity Investor (name confidential)

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