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Programming is an increasingly important skill, for a variety of reasons:

  • New Career                         It is a gateway to jobs in Data Science and Algorithmic Trading

  • Existing Work / Studies     It can give you an edge to develop stronger analysis and ideas

  • Entrepreneurship               It provides a means to be self-sufficient through your own ventures and apps

You don’t have to be a computer scientist to build and market your own programs. One of the best programmers I met studied Medieval History at university but was exceptional because of her own consistent practice.


So I am confident anyone can learn to program, and I would love to help you;

  • I have 4 years of experience in training professionals, postgraduates and undergraduates through The Profs, Private University tutors ( I won their “Top Tutor” award in 2016.

  • I have also consulted for traders and start-ups and built programs in C++, Python, Java, Matlab and R to this end. 

  • Testimonials are available here. Of particular relevance are:                                                                                                                  1. C++ (MQL4): The video testimonial from Mark Randall, Project Manager in Investment Banking. Available here.                2. Python:         The written testimonial from the Private Equity Advisor (second testimonial in the Quantitative Consulting section).

One-Day Courses and Class Dates

I run 2 courses: one for Python and one for C++. Python is easier to learn and has more applicability in Data Analysis and prototyping. C++ is more powerful so is used for algorithmic trading and professional application development in banks.

Introduction to Python and Data Science              Saturday November 3rd

Price: £300                                                                Saturday November 17th

Course link

Introduction to MQL4 and Algorithmic Trading    Saturday November 10th

Price: £400                                                               Saturday November 24th

Course link


  • Main class: Saturday afternoon in Central London (venue tbc), from 2pm to 5pm

  • Small class size (around 4 people) for more individual attention

You will gain:

  • An introduction to programming with hands-on exercises which you will solve yourself (with help if you need it)

  • An understanding of how to structure your code to make it more readable and easier to maintain

  • Resources for learning further by yourself and access to me and/or a forum for asking questions

  • A practice assignment for you to work on in your own time, with a follow-up one-to-one session to go through it

Customised Training

I also offer one-to-one training in C++, Python, Matlab and Java.


If you would prefer the above one-day courses in Matlab, Java, or other technical areas, for groups, I can create a training course.



Sign up or enquire by emailing me at

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